Where’s My ‘Soul’Mate

So you’re up at two a.m!  Yes two A.M! Dammit.

Can’t sleep, mind racing and all alone in your big huge bed.  You saunter down to the fridge seek some comfort from the left over cheese cake from last night.  Doesn’t work!   Next, You grab a small glass of wine, just enough to make you sleepy.  When that doesn’t work, you quickly start scrolling through the latest catches on Match, Tinder and Christian Mingle.

Sound familiar?

Really?  Is this what dating has come to?  Pick a picture, click, connect via brief texts, maybe go on a date and if you don’t like them — BAM back they go in the pool of possibilities for another.  Now this may sound bleak but it does have an era of truth.  No?


Today, our life is so busy that we resort to a fast food culture for pretty well everything.  Think about it.

  • Banking
  • Pharmacies
  • Laundry
  • Coffee,Food
  • Entertainment
  • Relationship finding
  • Even churches have drive up style services or just live stream

Now, I am not saying that convenience isn’t a good thing BUT…

Dating is very serious business!  Don’t you want to find someone who you can truly be real with? Invite to share that big bed with?  Grow old with?  Love forever?

It is for most people a place to find your soul mate —- right?

I am going to suggest an age-old approach:

Begin within!!!

Yes, within your own SOUL!   Take lots of time to get still, to ask some life-giving questions.  Not just about the list of attributes you want in that person BUT what do you give.

  1. Get still
  2. Close eyes, trust what you hear and don’t settle for anything less.
  3. Ask yourself how you need to show up to attract your ideal ‘soul mate’?

Start with you!   Yes it starts with you.    When we move from our authentic ‘soul’, we aren’t trying to become what someone desires.  We are attracting someone who resonates with our most vulnerable self.

I invite you to fill yourself up from your loving soul.  Not attacking this from a ‘job finding’perspective.  Then click or go to social clubs or do whatever you do.  The other will become attracted to your essence.  The “Je ne sais quoi” is real.  Magic happens when we move from within.








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The Bee

I went on a walk.  It was sunny, the birds were singing, the grass and trees were bright and welcoming.  There were baby bunnies stirring through the fields, ants were gathering their food, squirrels were watching with a sense of curiosity!
I sipped my coffee from my take out and walked on. Walked right past a magnificent tree who’s roots had dug in for more years than you and I existed.

For much of this walk, I was scrolling through through Facebook, texting, talking on my cell and using my emoji to express the frustrations I was feeling about ‘something’. I wanted all my worries to end. No more struggles!

A bee started following me. Pestering me! I mean, he was up in my face! He persistently kept swirling around my body. He chased me like a cop racing after a dangerous driver. I could of swore at one point I heard sirens! Ha! I yelled out ‘ that’s all I need!’. I came out here to find peace!!!

I threw my coffee cup down hoping that was what he wanted. I ran to another area.

Safe from distraction,
I made a desperate call to a friend to seek advice on ‘my problem’.
But nature hastled me once again.
This time TWO; Right by my ears, darting up close. They were close enough to see their stripes.

I ran off, all the way into my car. Drove for about five minutes and you got it…bzzzz!

I shared my ‘beescapade’ with my friend. He laughed,
I wasn’t listening…

That bee is going to keep bugging me till I get it!

Get it!

What can’t you BE with?

What are the ‘BEE’s’ of your life saying?

I got it!

By the way,. Haven’t seen a bee since I got it🐝




















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Woman Aboard — Unbridled freedom awaits

I step aboard… One small bag of clothes, no makeup, some food and beverages to fill our ice box and a heart filled with wonder. 

Immediately, I breathe in the healing fresh air, smell  the mist on the lake and hear the calling of the wind beckoning me to play.
I’m a sailor. And my journeys aboard fill the maps of my life.

Come aboard with me.
Our sailboat Bohica, measures-36 feet long .  Though she shows her age she is magnificent lady! You know.  She lives!  Lives  inside all who come aboard.

It is with her that I experience accelerating, unbridled freedom.

  Throwing the ropes on the dock, I cast away into what I call ‘ My sacred sail in God’s bathtub.’. When I forget how extraordinary God is I just look at the power and beauty of the great lakes.  

Each journey is filled with magic.  You never know what these great waters will throw your way – anything from a glassy lake, to gentle breeze to traitorous gales.   I am passionate to go out and play.
Let me take you on one of
those perfect days. Bohica’s sails rise effortlessly.  Wind fills the sails making them musically sway gliding us towards a new destination. Looking upward I am often humbled by her, she is an amazing feat of engineering who’s spirit has existed for centuries.  You see while sailing. I become the collective of all sailors from Columbus, to those pirates who sought treasures, to the refugees who stowed away in search of new land.

There is nothing more peaceful than to be at the helm, with the sun kissing my cheeks and listening to the silence of the laps of water creasing her gently.

I also love those stormy rides.  Our boat commands that I develop unshakable focus and connection.  Yes connection to nature, to my mate,  to my vessel and to my self.  And when we return to shore, sometimes exhausted to the bone,
I can nestle in the sanctuary of our boat’s cabin,  knowing that ‘ I am no longer scared of storms for I am learning to passionately sail my own ship! 

My adventurous life is on board.  I invite you to go on adventures… Throw the ropes that bind you ashore! There is a new you waiting!


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fear — na not today!

So nice to go toe to toe with my fears!

Yes , since I was a little girl, I have been terrify of snakes. I mean, even those pesky little  snakes.  Of course, I could add to that list 101 other fears. Admittedly,I used to be frightened of the dark when I was about six. Then,as I grew more emotionally mature, I let it go.

Honestly, I think children seem to be able to let go of most fears easier then us adults.  I mean, a reassuring parent or teacher can ease their mind.

Unfortunately, as we get older, we sometimes stop  trusting. — Trusting our bosses, spouses, ourselves or even God or the Universe.  We start to question a lot more too.  Our intellect rationalizes our story of fear as ‘reality’.   But is it?

Too often our attachments to our fears become our operating system. It is that limiting belief that keeps us trapped or keeps us in our ‘safe’ world.  How limiting have you become?  Fears keep us trapped.   We can’t do this because we’ve been hurt.  We can’t do that because it cost too much or it’ll take too much time, it’s not worth it. Our list go on and on and on!  Does this sound familiar? If so, you have a choice.

Danger is real!   As Jim Carrey said, “there is a difference between the dog that is going to eat you and that dog in your mind!”. You can learn, in a flash, to distinguish the difference. It is entirely possible to move courageously forwards.

I invite you to take a good look at your fears.

Ask yourself are your fears serving you or strangling you ?

Are they based on real danger or are they a story from past hurts,situations or conditioning?

I know that a key to a present, fulling life is to let go of fear!

Move forward from a trusting place with faith.

I invite you  try it!

Do something that you know scared you and limited you.

I did!  So, I know you can.


New Years Eve, I held a snake! Not just any snake, big, yellow boa constrictor. This beauty could coil her body around me and snap me like a twig.  She didnt!  Instead, she gave me a gift of seeing her beautiful eyes,touching her strong colorful skin and feeling her power!  I am passed my fear.

Guess, I won’t be worried any more about those little garter snakes in my backyard.

Face your fears in faith! Freedom is right there waiting to liberate you!

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Wise One within

Many years ago, My Aboriginal (Native American to Americans) friend affectionately called Daddy Long Legs asked me “Grasshopper, what will my legacy be?” My 29 year old self replied, “I know, an old wise woman — wise beyond belief!” He laughed, “ah lace up those moccasins,young lady, you will journey to the valleys and peaks of life to gain such honor.”

A few years later, divorce plunged me into a valley of paralyzing anguish, loss and despair. Drowning in a stagnant pool of impossibility — I clawed for something, anything to hold onto; Food , Men, reams of self help were my false guides. I mean, I even consulted Mr. Jack Daniels.. How wise was that?

One anxiety filled, sleepless night ,a song came to mind
Neil Diamond sang out,
“I am I said I am said I and I am lost and I don’t even know why”

I cried. “I am. I am I AM!”

At first I Saw the failure,
then ‘ I ‘ who clinging to external securities and identity.
This journey through divorce had stripped me to my essence.

But then something magical and mystical happened.
My heart opened deeper
I saw myself Beyond Wife, beyond mother beyond Lorraine. Beyond definition!

I safely existed here– (point inside). An unfamiliar sense of peace comforted me.

I soaked in the brilliance of wise woman that already existed. My loving wise ‘I am’ existed. She always did. That ‘I am’ is my unshakeably internal compass that fills me with limitless possibility. The wisdom of all ages exists within. In that moment, not only did I know that I would survive, I embraced the knowing that I would thrive. AND I DID!

When adversity comes, and it will, turn inward ; start with your wise one within. From there life is limitless!

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Control Freak!

I am….

Lorraine Rey

Part of loving yourself is being able to accept all of you.  I mean ALL!  It is when we reject part of ourselves that we become unauthentic.  All of us are a collection of dark and light.  But, from a young age we learn to judge part of ourselves as wrong, bad or even down right evil.  Have you ever done that?  I have!

In our pursuit to not BE something we begin to judge others.  In reality, we are judging ourselves THROUGH the lens of our view of others.

We see rejected part of ourselves in others.  He is so ______.  She is so ____!   Add your own rejected part here!  Here are some of mine.  Bitch, Control Freak, Crazy Person, Mad Wife, Loser.

I currently am learning to accept that     I am a control freak!   ouch- this is hard to write or even say.

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My teacher and mentor Debbie Ford


I am so honored to have been guided to become trained through Debbie’s coaching and wisdom.

Debbie Ford was extraordinarily genuine and a healer!  She spoke from her truth and was an example of integrity.  Her love for the world was felt in her words, her bright eyes, her  kick ass approach to all that she did.   She was magical.  I wish I had more time with her!

At one of our trainings, Debbie described standing from the macro~ Connecting from  that place of divine connection and total connection.   At the time, it sounded well woo woo!  But, now I know, it is so possible.  When we speak from the heart, when we are absolutely naked in our truth– we connect vulnerably – we are that divine communicating as  one.  From that place miracles happen!  Debbie was a master at that kind of presence!  She taught through her example to be filled with love and light.  I am forever grateful.

Shine on beautiful Debbie.  Rest in peace.

Miss you.

love from your humble student,


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