Life is what WE make it.

Ever just do random surfing on the internet.  I do!

Today, I stumbled upon a video, quite by accident (wink).  It was all about the life of Marvin Gaye.  So much conflict, fight, and struggle…yet he passionately choose to express the essence of  life through his voice.

“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.”
― Marvin Gaye

I passionately believe that statement.  It is the root of all.   Our essence is right within, where all our answers are waiting.  That is where “peace” resides.  The peace within is the well of knowledge, the haven that is available  24 hours, 7 days a week.  In this peace is absolute non-judgement, no fear and pure love!  Once accessed the choice is our to express it and share it.  Believe it!!!

But, what if life is hell around us?  We appear to exist in an world filled with contrary.  We have war, disease, much anger, so many marriages and families plagued by a disconnect.   What to do?


What if…  each conflict, each sorrow was addressed through that source of peace.   What if that conflict existed so we could learn to come back to our source of love?  What might change?  Soak that in!

BTW, I have tried to live my life from many vantages.  From anger, fear, apathy, to name but a few.  The highest source has always been from that place of peace.  I know that it has changed my life and yes even my external world.  As I go to my source, I am filled with LOVE.  And all is possible from there…

So, Marvin Gaye, though he had a life that seemed like hell.  He shone brightly.   He learned to ignite that essence.

Shine on my friends!

with love and support always,


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