Lorraine’s Story

Hi Everyone!


My name is Lorraine. You  can call me Lo. I was born in Canada.  My mother was French and my father Canadian.  This diverse cultural experience provided the foundation for me to be open to learn from many cultures and journey to new countries.  I studied in Canada, Scotland and America and became an avid traveler.  In 1999, I moved to America with my family.

I bring a rich background in study, work and life experiences. My work experience includes being a teacher, an Executive Director of a major festival, a Supervisor in an historic library , a Director of a Mental Health Non-Profit Agency and an Integrative Coach Professional™.

Even though, I had ‘experienced so much’ for many years, I felt something missing.  I had a haunting feeling of emptiness.  Depression, anxiety and fear were my secret feelings. I walked around with a big smile and my huge internal critic that ate away all my authentic energy and vibrancy.

Internally, I was searching for a place called home. The funny thing was that ‘home’ was always there — right inside my heart and soul!  That discovery transformed my life.  I began to find my own answers, trust my emotions and love myself deeply.    I began to have genuine smiles, spontaneous joy and true love for my life and myself!  The gifts continue to astound me.

Many years ago, I began to study with renowned author, educator and spiritual leader Debbie Ford.  Her depth of work and sincere love for humanity was contagious.  I am forever grateful for her brilliance.

My work as a Life Coach is all about the heart, going inward to excavate the riches that are yours to discover.   I fully commit to being  present and passionate in bring out the best in all my clients.  At the core of all my work is a desire to be dedicated to empowering others to embrace their full potential.

I have learned that all we need is right inside of our heart.  Let me help you complete your life circle from head to heart.

Ready to feel freedom that is completely authentic, lasting and utterly magical?

I invite you to JOIN ME for a Complimentary Session!

With all my love,


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