Life Coaching Packages

Lorraine is impeccably trained by The Ford Institute as an Integrative Coach Professional™.

 Coaching is offered through weekly, one-hour telephone sessions.   Offered in English or French 

See below for coaching options, which include a complimentary introductory session.

DSC00831Integrative Coaching: Breakthrough Shadow


Integrative Coaching (also known as Breakthrough Shadow Coaching) is a cutting edge methodology designed by New York Times best selling author Debbie Ford.

This transformational approach will support you in becoming whole and fully expressed. By embracing all aspects of who you are, as well as all of your life experiences, you become open to receiving the wisdom of your life’s lessons and claiming the magnificence of who you truly are.

When I was coached by an Integrative Coach, I finally let go of negative self talk and learned to fully love myself.  I completely took responsibility for my part of a devastating divorce. My coach guided me to a place where I could totally forgive myself. Today, I am in love with me, and have an absolutely loving partner. This experience is priceless! ”   L.R


What better way to decide if coaching is for you!

My words can’t begin to explain what you will experience from this transformational coaching relationship.

I invite you to come decide for yourself. A free session await you.


Over the Phone (not in person)

 Coaching is done over the phone so that you can engage in the process from the privacy and comfort of your own home or office…

You can work with the coach who is the best match for you, regardless of your geographical proximity to one another. How great is that!
“Stay in your P.J’s, don’t comb your hair, no need to drive anywhere…whatever you wish.  What freedom to arrive as you are.” L.M
Coaching (not therapy) 
Coaching is designed to support you to access and come to trust your own innate wisdom and intelligence. Unlike traditional counseling or therapy where you look to someone else for guidance, Integrative Coaching guides you to surface your own answers and internal guidance using advanced exercises and techniques that support you in looking within for your own answers.  Imagine the discoveries you will make!
Life Learning (not just coaching)
 Integrative coaching models are distinct from many other types of coaching in that they are specifically designed to teach you new life perspectives, distinctions, practices and skills.  In each of your coaching sessions, you will be taught a new concept to empower you in understanding and handling the circumstances and experiences of your life.
Uniquely Designed for You
Between sessions, you may also be given exercises and reading to support you in integrating the lessons and knowledge to shift your way of being in the world forever.  One touch in email or call (limited to 15 minutes) is offered per week.
  • Heal your past and anchor your heart into present time
  • Gain focus, passion and intentional direction
  • Accept yourself and your life
  • Free yourself from judgements of others
  • Meet your authentic self and the vision for your life
  • Step into empowered responsibility and new choices
  • Open your hearts to new possibilities
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Live your authentic life now!

For returning clients who wish to focus on a particular life area they want to shift. Beginning with a session uncovering your vision for yourself – followed by anywhere from 1-5 sessions designed to support you in claiming that vision. The same call structure and the same costs as above apply.

Coaching Options:

Free Introductory Coaching Session

4 Week Coaching Session

Cost:  $320  Payment per week: $80

Do them at your speed.   No expiration.

Pre-Payment in full: $320

Weekly Coaching Session

Cost: $100

Transformational Coaching

Using my own unique style, I will help you organize your life from the inside out.

These sessions occur on phone or in person.

The emphasis is on  presence, passion and real power.

Group Seasons

If you desire to express and share with others, this option  is for you.

With you and your team as the creators, we will discuss, learn and explore our brilliance, our challenges and our unique goals.

Ideas for groups:

Back out dating again.

Now what the kids have left for college.

Get it done- NO more Mr(s). Procrastinator

Not enough time on my hands.

Weight is weighing me down: Lighten Up

Start up your support team today!  I will be with you all to navigate the goals, celebrate the successes and have fun!

$200 for a two hour session. ( up to five people )

Public Speaking

Invite me be your next motivational speaker.

Prices are notable.

For more information contact me at 765-729-8386


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