Pourquoi se casser la tête?

Translation:  why break your head?  WORRY!!!

Just have a look at this monkey.  Tired? Lonely? Bored?

I found him hidden amongst the throngs of tourists,in a quaint village called Pezenas, in the South of France.

This weary soul showed me the effects of a ‘broken head’… exhausted by worry or some dis-ease. His head lays heavily upon his enormous hand, while his eyes half closed seem disconnected from all who pass.  Even his torso, which hold his loving heart is broken.

Yet, on closer glance, I see a hint of something more still, even more tranquil.  Perhaps, his head could mend and he could return to his intended state of calm.  Isn’t that a bit like us? Don’t we all need to return to our inner calm?

Just now close your eyes and imagine yourself as a sculpture.  Focus in carefully.  Take the time to note the materials your are made of. What size are you? What is your expression? What is your sculpture trying to say about you?

Now imagine your worried self as a sculpture.  What would you look like?  How might worry – ‘breaking your head’ about life effect you and others who see you?

Mr. Monkey here seems exhausted, bored and maybe just feeling a bit like dead wood!

So why the hell do we continue to do it?

How do we breathe life into that ‘broken head’?

I’d love to hear from you!

Let’s share…  for now  Peace and Love to you!


Published by authenticbeing

I am a trained Integrative Coach Professional with the Ford Institute. I have been mentor with Lumen Worldwide. I offer several styles of coaching, uniquely tailored to meet your needs. I love sailing, exploring nature, writing and art. My passion is service. If you are interested in using me as a life-coach, feel free to contact me through my email. authenticbeingcoach@gmail.com. I offer a complimentary sample session. On Skype please indicate that you have read my blog to connect to me. Call me at 765-729-8386. take good care, Lo

3 thoughts on “Pourquoi se casser la tête?

  1. With kindness and love and encouragement. I love the Mr. Monkey, he,s most beautiful ! Lots of Peace and Love, J.A.M.


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