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As my personal coach, it was Lorraine’s authentic spirit that helped guide me to new levels of understanding myself. I am grateful for my experience.
Carol Mongeluzzi
Lorraine is a teacher, a guide! One who helps others discover the wisdom that is within them to find their highest good. So, that one’s desires, dreams and values are align with their actions to reveal, in time, that what is happening in their outer world is matching up with what is already happening with one’s inner world – arriving a place of integration and wholeness. This special journey has many names but regardless of the name, Lorraine’s faith, intelligence, insight, patience and her compassion will set a sojourner in the direction of peace, happiness and health.
 Chris McCauley
Kia Ora and Namaste.
If I may say a few words…
I have known and appreciated the gentle being of Lorraine for a number of years. I have come to greatly appreciate her gentle and centering nudges.
In a recent post I found some words and ideas that rang particularly true to me – even an epiphany. I have always know what it was that I was supposed to be and do, I have just had a hard time putting it into words. There it was. Not a smack upside the head, but a deep “ah hah.”
Being able to put something into words, makes it real and empowers one to put it into action.
It’s a door opening so that I might take that first step of a new adventure of “doing what I do” and being who I am.Kia Ora and Namaste.
Dr. Jim Segedy
You must experience Lorraine and her coaching!   The experience is not only deeply(yet safely) intimate, cutting to the core,  Lorraine also makes it uplifting and hope filled.   She’s been helping me move through some life transitions and to do it in the most positive, grateful and maximally transformative way.  Lorraine is simply a master at coaching you to be authentically you.
By the way, I had the worst problem trusting anyone in my life, whether a stranger or a loved one, I just couldn’t do it.   Of course, life is more challenging this way.  Luckily, in working with Lorraine, I am more trusting and able to trust (only the reasonable ones though) and it feels great!  Thank you.
David Zarza
I have been working with Lorraine for over a year now.  I contacted her originally because I felt unfocused in my life as a whole  (career, finances, relationship, fitness, life goals).  She has helped me to quickly get to the root of what was holding me back in each area.
I’ve worked with other life coaches and Lo is the best.  It’s obvious that she genuinely cares about the people she works with.  Lo was able to very quickly create a very safe and welcoming environment where I felt comfortable confronting some of my biggest obstacles.  Working with Lo is more than just a checklist of things to do for a week — though she can do that if that’s what you want — for me, it has been about getting me out of my head and helping me strip away each layer that has held me back from following my true heart’s desire.  While that may sound a bit “hippy-dippy”, the results have been proven to me–
 Since working with Lo, I am in the best shape of my life, have made more money, gotten closer to my relationship, and just overall know I have the tools needed to live the life I want.
Whether you’re a little off track or need a complete overhaul, I highly recommend Lo and Authentic Being Coaching!
Ms. Lorraine helped me to see that my life was incomplete.  I came for help with my work and ended up discovering I was unhappy because I worked too hard and had no time for a relationship.  Now, I have my first real partner in love!  I did it.

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