Ever have days like this?

Have you ever had days like these? Ok, maybe not burning a new paper but … You know THOSE DAYS!!!

I have had a few lately.

I spent hours doing the grueling task of revising my website. Being the non- techie gal that I am, I totally messed up. With a push of the apparently wrong button, I erased about 12 years of writing. Damn eh!

I have to tell you, I swore like a sailor. I hurt deeply knowing I may lose something that isn’t replaceable. My time, thoughts and fun all wiped away in an instant.

After about an hour of sifting through my memory, trying to reconstruct a few passages, I gave up. I mean totally gave up! I was ready to flush my blogging life out into the virtual void. This was a futile attempt that would never bear any results except utter frustration. AND I HATE FEELING FRUSTRATED!

Isn’t it so… life can indeed be frustrating . It is one of those emotions that doesn’t feel so cozy. Right? I mean honestly, it’s one of my least favorite ones.

What are some of your most frustrating moments?

I truly believe that all moments have gifts. In the moment it feels like help but if we dig deeper, ask powerful questions maybe a gem can materialize.

Here’s mine to myself. What is the message in this moment? Ah! now l REALLY FEEL it!!!

The truth is… We don’t get to do redos of our moments.



  • dig into frustrations
  • see that arguement as an opportunity
  • hear more deeply when someone pisses you
  • stop and soak in all of it.
  • love more intentionally!
Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

“AND Frustrations isn’t a forever emotion!” I said more boldly.

My blog scare taught me to NOT TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED> NO REDOS!

So, new writing is coming soon.

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