Lessons from Nature

Today,  I had one of those exciting days.  Not out with friends, not holding my lovers hand, nor having a bubble bath.  I was doing the deadly duty of ripping out two months of over grown weeds in my yard.  That’s what I get for leaving the country for a few months.  I am not here to complain about it.  I actually had a lot of fun and got a good work out in for free!  Bonus!

As I stared down some monster weeds.  I am talking about the ones that are taller than I am.  Heck some of them looked like they had grown arms.  I started to think why do we have weeds anyways.  I had nothing come to mind.  Well except, so I can cuss and yell.  So I can take out my frustrations on these innocent creepers.  Though they are relentless, you might find it amazing how tenacious they are!

Actually, by definition, any plant that is a nuisance is a weed.  I finally, after many hours made peace with my weeds even had a respect for their strength.  Heck, could I have the courage to grow so tall and be so strong in a place where few welcomed me?

I think they came to mean something more to me today.

In France, there is an expression,  ” The bad herb always push up faster.”  Isn’t that the truth; Our own nuisances tend to become bigger in our minds, even can twist and turn all vibrancy out of a day, year or even a moment.  These nuisances are of our own making.  Our perceptions, our judgements, and criticisms.  They can rob us of fertile soil and the appreciation in a moment.  Maybe, we have a choice to make peace with our own weeds too.  Like the weeds – they push up… and we can gentle appreciate them and let them go.

I did that with all the weeds today.  Nature has a way of teaching us so much.

Feel free to share your stories from nature.

Shunryu Suzuki, the Zen master, is credited with proclaiming,

“For Zen students, a weed is a treasure.”


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