A beautiful soul

A beautiful soul

Much of the world has been shocked by the death of undoubtedly one of the best character actors in our modern times. Philip Seymor Huffman was a giant in his field, a master, who could transcend himself and complete become the characters he portrayed.

Apparently, he was a dedicated father, who like any average Joe, walked his young children to school, attended their school events and loved them dearly. He was a friend, a loving partner and participated in his local community by going for meals, coffee and simply hanging out! A refreshing quality to find in a star of such notoriety.

Then, like many of us, there was another side that few really knew.   Lurking in his shadows was a hideous monster.  The character was a ‘heroin addict’. This side must have been his hardest and perhaps most real role. Within that role, he felt his deepest need to escape. But, what was he escaping?
No one knows for sure.   But Phil knew!

Perhaps, the ‘noise’ was to great. What do we do in our lives when the ‘noise’ is just to much to handle? Our noise can come in many forms. Divorce, death, job loss, empty nest, poverty, success, fear of failure, and on, and on.

When those times come, and they will for each of us, what is in our ‘First Aide’ kit?

Do you have one?

I invite you to ask yourself

What do I need to survive when the noise becomes to great?

Trust what you hear!  Write it down and prepare now.  Remember you can’t easily build a first aide kit when you are in the face of darkness.  Fill it up now!

Few, really knew Philip. Until, last weekend, most had no idea of the level of pain he felt. His dear friend and fellow actor Jim Carrey wrote on twitter, ” Dear Philip, a beautiful, beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. Bless your heart, ;^{ ”

Peace to you dear Philip.

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Life is what WE make it.

Ever just do random surfing on the internet.  I do!

Today, I stumbled upon a video, quite by accident (wink).  It was all about the life of Marvin Gaye.  So much conflict, fight, and struggle…yet he passionately choose to express the essence of  life through his voice.

“If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else.”
― Marvin Gaye

I passionately believe that statement.  It is the root of all.   Our essence is right within, where all our answers are waiting.  That is where “peace” resides.  The peace within is the well of knowledge, the haven that is available  24 hours, 7 days a week.  In this peace is absolute non-judgement, no fear and pure love!  Once accessed the choice is our to express it and share it.  Believe it!!!

But, what if life is hell around us?  We appear to exist in an world filled with contrary.  We have war, disease, much anger, so many marriages and families plagued by a disconnect.   What to do?


What if…  each conflict, each sorrow was addressed through that source of peace.   What if that conflict existed so we could learn to come back to our source of love?  What might change?  Soak that in!

BTW, I have tried to live my life from many vantages.  From anger, fear, apathy, to name but a few.  The highest source has always been from that place of peace.  I know that it has changed my life and yes even my external world.  As I go to my source, I am filled with LOVE.  And all is possible from there…

So, Marvin Gaye, though he had a life that seemed like hell.  He shone brightly.   He learned to ignite that essence.

Shine on my friends!

with love and support always,


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What do you need to withstand the storms that will come in your life?

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ImageIt’s almost Halloween!!!I absolutely LOVE this holiday.  It is so fun to see all the trick or treaters knocking at our doors.  They are filled with the spark of awe and creativity.  How authentic!  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
I also think it is a great time for us Adults to lighten up and play.  I invite you to let your crazy, frightening, spooky or pretty self out to party.   Don’t limit yourself!  Really have fun.  It is a great time to allow a part of you to shine.    It might even be a part that is usually not so acceptable to yourself or others.
This past weekend, I did just that.  I went as the “Princess Kitten”.  This is a part of me that I have long rejected.  I was called the princess as a young girl.  My family and especially my mom always called me that.  Sometimes I liked it but then there were the times I totally hated it.  After all this princess has a long way to fall if she does not do what her people demand of her.  When my mom died, I announced “No more- no more calling me the princess!”
Today, I took back my Princess in a fun way.  I love to be spoiled, to feel pretty and playful. I also love to help and serve my dear people – my family, my friends, my community and my clients.
This little Princess Kitten had a great time…
I invite you to create a costume that is a part of you that you might miss, even reject, or long to make friends with and have a blast with!
Happy Halloween.
P.S.  George Benson– has a song for you… “This Masquerade.”
Keep it real— LOVE you all!
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Searching but not finding… We’re lost in a masquerade.

IMG_2254It’s that time again.  The trick or treaters will come a knocking.  we all have a chance to put on a mask, wear some make-upor go out and find a crazy costume.  I absolutely love Halloween.  Why?  Obviously, I love it because I am a kid at heart and am crazy about play.  I thoroughly enjoy being silly and dressing up.

In fact, I did it a few nights ago.  Meow!  I got to be the princess kitten.  It was absolutely fun.


I encourage you to go be a kid.  Let your crazy, pretty, scary YOU come out  and have a great time.  You might even pick a costume that reflects a part of you that you have rejected, secretly love or just miss a little.  Lighten up and enjoy yourself.

I also have some other masks that haunt me throughout the year.  Here are a few of my favorites.

~  The Good Mother

~ The Chameleon

~ The Super Woman who does it all for everybody.

~ The fake smile girl

What are your favorite masks?  What do they hide?   Don’t get lost behind your masquerade.

Happy Halloween






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Perhaps LOVE

I have been pondering on what love means. What I have come to know is that it is not a neatly packaged article… it is a magic that is often not easy to define.

In my life, I humbly admit, that I have tried to tell people how to love. Not my clients, but the victims have been my loved ones. In my own fear, I say “love me like this, or that.” Or say the dreaded words- “If you loved me you would…” Have you ever done that?
Today, I am learning that to be eternally in love, I can choose to love without any constraints. Love someone enough to let them totally be themselves. Imagine that!!

P.S.  To all my past loves- thanks

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Loving comes in many ways : Sex is Emotion in Motion

I was out for a drink the other night.  The topic turned to sex!  Yes sex.. why not!  The patrons of the bar had told a group to take the conversation outside because it was ‘offensive ‘.  At about that point, I arrived with my husband.  Being a life coach, I was curious about the excitement outside the door.

They quickly invited us to join in.

One of the men asked me,  “Does a woman like sex more than a man?”  I immediately thought what a loaded question!  I was perhaps going to be attacked from the woman or the men depending on my answer.  I paused and the answer came,  Depends?

That is an honest answer.  Each of us are a unique species.  Each of us have our own magic to share and it comes in many different ways. We bring our set of beliefs and emotions to the life theatre.  Sex is an exciting place where all this magic can be ignited.

With more conversation, it became clear.  Some people, like the patrons saw sex as ‘dirty and not a valued topic’, some wanted to go all out and even talk about swinging, a few saw it as work while others saw it as a loving act of deep intimacy.  Why make any of them wrong?  Each have their unique way of expressing.

In the end it comes down to a few things- Intimacy and pleasure.

Can you let that magical YOU out to play?

Are you ready to be intimate to please another?

Oh and yes- don’t forget yourself in the equation!

Everyone is unique… Loving comes in all kinds of packages.


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