A beautiful soul

A beautiful soul

Much of the world has been shocked by the death of undoubtedly one of the best character actors in our modern times. Philip Seymor Huffman was a giant in his field, a master, who could transcend himself and complete become the characters he portrayed.

Apparently, he was a dedicated father, who like any average Joe, walked his young children to school, attended their school events and loved them dearly. He was a friend, a loving partner and participated in his local community by going for meals, coffee and simply hanging out! A refreshing quality to find in a star of such notoriety.

Then, like many of us, there was another side that few really knew.   Lurking in his shadows was a hideous monster.  The character was a ‘heroin addict’. This side must have been his hardest and perhaps most real role. Within that role, he felt his deepest need to escape. But, what was he escaping?
No one knows for sure.   But Phil knew!

Perhaps, the ‘noise’ was to great. What do we do in our lives when the ‘noise’ is just to much to handle? Our noise can come in many forms. Divorce, death, job loss, empty nest, poverty, success, fear of failure, and on, and on.

When those times come, and they will for each of us, what is in our ‘First Aide’ kit?

Do you have one?

I invite you to ask yourself

What do I need to survive when the noise becomes to great?

Trust what you hear!  Write it down and prepare now.  Remember you can’t easily build a first aide kit when you are in the face of darkness.  Fill it up now!

Few, really knew Philip. Until, last weekend, most had no idea of the level of pain he felt. His dear friend and fellow actor Jim Carrey wrote on twitter, ” Dear Philip, a beautiful, beautiful soul. For the most sensitive among us the noise can be too much. Bless your heart, ;^{ ”

Peace to you dear Philip.


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