More on happiness.. :)

So many of us learn to believe that we will be happy- when, or if or by!

Ask yourself-

Is it worth waiting to be happy?  Why not now?  Even if your life is filled with ‘hard times’ can a little happiness fill your day?  What would change if you felt happy?  Have you seen someone who has done this?  If so, how has their happiness influenced you or others?

Makes me smile just thinking about it!

But,  when I am totally honest with myself, I admittedly have done the internal talk of  “I will be happy when or if “.  I have said, ” I will be happy when I am done with the divorce or when I pay off all those bills.”  Thanks to a very kind friend who kicked my butt, I released the old pattern of thinking that way.   What kind of old believe keeps you from being fully happy?

I believe that when we recognize an old pattern, we are given an opportunity to change it.  Otherwise, we are destined to repeat the same old, same old… on and on. Sound fun?

The other day while having some medical tests, I saw several people in wheelchairs.  Some looked in bad pain.  One lady struck me as extremely happy even though she had tubes coming out of her arm and may have something very serious.  The point of this is she had a choice.  We all do.  Each and every day we can focus on being happy or not.

I am coming to understand that happiness truly needs to be there regardless of life circumstances.  We can remain positive even during tough times.  Perhaps, this happiness will ultimately draw us towards more happiness.

Here is an interesting video, I found to support what I am learning.

Please enjoy…  Let me know what you think?  Much love and continued happiness always!

The Happiness Solution


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