Secret in the Garden

“One’s action ought to come out of an achieved stillness: not to be mere rushing on.”

D.H. Lawrence

For the last few days, I have been walking in parks, riding my bike, listening to the birds and appreciating the chirping of the cicadas (this used to annoy me!).  Sometimes, I found myself feeling a deep connection and appreciation for the beauty of the world – just as it is.  A stillness started to come over me.  This place of solitude is my secret garden; the place where I can feel authentic and truly honor all that I am.  Sound silly?  Not to me.  

In my life, I have been driven by a need to always be doing!  Doing to the point of exhaustion at times.  I have internally owned a faulty belief that I must appear busy and do no matter what.  Otherwise, I will be known as lazy or a major procrastinator!  Ironically, I can be lazy and truly enjoy those moments too.  

Rushing on in my life has been one of moving into auto-pilot – doing just to do, doing out of obligation, and on and on.  So strange to admit but I think rushing around has kept me and maybe you too from having focus, direction and purpose.  You think?

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself the following question. Why do you the things you do?

Is it out of passion, joy, obligation, survival or old programming? What if we could slow down and honor our days more fully?  What might your day look like?  

Get still – right now!  Really still and let yourself feel what that might be like.  

 Would anything change?  How might you engage with your family, yourself, your colleagues and others along the way?  FEEL this!

 I am not going to forget to return to my secret garden.  What does yours look and feel like? Imagine feeling free enough, calm enough  to be fully present with all that you see.  I can’t help to believe that this stillness would lead to more authentic living and more purposeful actions.  


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I am a trained Integrative Coach Professional with the Ford Institute. I have been mentor with Lumen Worldwide. I offer several styles of coaching, uniquely tailored to meet your needs. I love sailing, exploring nature, writing and art. My passion is service. If you are interested in using me as a life-coach, feel free to contact me through my email. I offer a complimentary sample session. On Skype please indicate that you have read my blog to connect to me. Call me at 765-729-8386. take good care, Lo

2 thoughts on “Secret in the Garden

  1. Oh how I wish I could learn to slow down like that…the rush rush is so deeply ingrained. Glad you have found that inner peace! I am still a work in progress…Love ya Linda


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