Fear – DON”T BUG ME!

So this morning I was attacked by a bug! 

Well not exactly attacked but this nasty bug with creepy legs crawled across my bathroom counter.  Now seriously, I never gave him permission.  He was not invited and heck was not paying me any rent to be there.   I screamed and swatted it out of the sink. All I got in return was a shot of fear!


Does anyone really like that creepy creature either.  I have never said, “Bring on the fear!”  Well I might agree to fear BUT only at a local amusement park or during a scary movie. Generally speaking it is not comfortable.

Do we give our power over to our fears?  I have!

Is there healthy fear?  Absolutely!  A car is barreling down the street and almost hits me is cause for fear.

But there is another kind of fear.  It is an unproductive fear that emotionally can clobber us.  This pest diminishes our perspective and is generally demeaning. Do you know this kind of ‘bug’?  That pest gnaws at the structure of rational thought.  It can knock down our self-esteem in seconds and take us down to your knees in minutes.  I sure know it!  Do you?

Fears tend to be born from past conditioned thoughts or patterns.  Defensiveness is at the root.

This pest called fear can simply be lovingly observed… like watching the bug troll across the counter.

I used to suffer from panic and unhealthy anxiety.  Something I learned to do to cope was to:

1.  NAME MY FEAR.    ( Just like saying – this is a pesky little bug on my counter.)

2.  STUDY THE HISTORY OF MY FEAR:  ( I also ask myself when did I learn to fear this.  I fear bugs because when I was young my friend told me  Earwigs and other bugs can eat my brain.  I believed it.)

3. SELECT A NEW THOUGHT; Replace thought with Empowered Thought:  ( I know how to get rid of this bug. It can’t hurt me.)

4. FEEL:  If you need to cry or laugh or spit and yell – DO IT!  Release is good!

5. ANCHOR THE NEW THOUGHT WITH ACTION:  ( I immediately took a piece of paper and tossed the bug out the window.)

This may sound too easy… BUT it works.  Breathe into your fears, transform the thoughts with love and kindness.

Please share your fears… bring them into the light and give them a new perspective.  Feel free to post about your fears.

with love,


P.S:  My bug looks pretty small now!  Some perspective makes all the difference.


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