STOP… No change please!

Our lives are moving so fast… this is an age of immense change!  We want it… yet FEAR it too.  Holding onto that fear can be paralyzing.  Have you ever experienced that?  What do you do to move past it?

I often give my fear a voice… listen to it… is it fear of failure, fear of unknown, or of being judged or heck maybe the fear of what if, what if, what if!!!!

I try not to shame myself or try to push it away. This can cause a very destructive cycle of anxiety.  You begin to fear the fear.

I ask myself what my fear has to teach me and then gently move on. In Buddhism there is a saying,  If we learn to control our mind….the source of all our fear, healthy and unhealthy, is eradicated.
Not easy at first but with practice, it is so freeing.

Maybe you are a bit like me and so many others… clinging desperately to things that no longer empower, staying in life situations that just don’t fit… don’t help you to grow. Maybe you are in a career, relationship etc. out of habit.  Ultimately, you have a choice.  Each day, each moment you can decide to live life in fulfillment.

What would that look like?  President Obama used the campaign slogan, “Change We can Believe In.”  What can you believe in?  Imagine the wonderful life, the magical you of your greatest dreams.   Today we can make a choice to be the change we want to see….

Let’s Believe!


Published by authenticbeing

I am a trained Integrative Coach Professional with the Ford Institute. I have been mentor with Lumen Worldwide. I offer several styles of coaching, uniquely tailored to meet your needs. I love sailing, exploring nature, writing and art. My passion is service. If you are interested in using me as a life-coach, feel free to contact me through my email. I offer a complimentary sample session. On Skype please indicate that you have read my blog to connect to me. Call me at 765-729-8386. take good care, Lo

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