Shadow on the Wall

France is sexy and very proud of it.  It is a country where flirting,
public signs of affection and seduction is la recette du jour!
But recently, things changed.  Our media and theirs has been flooded with images of a powerful public figure who has been arrested for allegedly  trying to rape a woman.  Dominique Strauss-Kahn known as a “seducer” in France had a reputation for being a womanizer.  He was also a presidential hopeful.  All this came crashing down… with the slip of a zipper and perhaps something very much more dangerous. A criminal act is the charge.  This is not so sexy even to the French!

Now, I am not writing this to let you know about the news of the day.
I challenge you to think deeper!

Why do people self-sabatoge and cause enormous chaos in the process?


Carl Jung talks about the Shadow.  It  exists in all of us (Yes  in
you and me too!).  It is the parts that we hide, shame and suppress.
It is the  prison cell were we lock all we feel would be unacceptable
to share.  It can show up in anger, fear, control, selfishness,
indiscretions…you name it!

We run from our shadows but we can’t.  Each time we think a ‘bad
thought’ or do something we feel is unacceptable , we run more… and
guess what is there right behind us?

The Shadow can run our lives.  It can be the reason you scream at your
spouse, eat pounds of chocolate, have a secret sex life.  This part
can sabotage our lives when we least expect it.

When we can love ‘all of us’ and accept our duality we will be able to freer.

Again, I don’t know why this man  hurt himself and others but maybe the answers lies in the shadow?


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