“Il faut tourner… Roll Baby Roll

“Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler”

Sounds foreign?

It is too many!

But this is not the case for my family.
I lived with this expression each day at home.

So what does it mean?
Turn your tongue seven times in your mouth prior to speaking.

Why now?

Gives you time!

Ok, confession! I didn’t do this so well in the past. Got better with lots of practice and time.

Recently, my loose tongue forgot to roll and I spoke without thinking!
In a single moment of choice, I didn’t take that pause, and spoke to
quickly causing myself to compromise my best intentions. Anyone done that? Sure you have! We all have.

But imagine if you could do this “roll” and just take time. TIME to pause, TIME to think, TIME to make a best choice. Really imagine this.

Fortunately for me, my error was not too grave. I heard my mother loud and clear, (insert French accent)
Lorraine, tourner ta langue sept fois!!!”
My mom has passed on but her wisdom remains in my heart and mind.

A little history:

In France, this is a well know expression. Its history goes back very far.
In the Bible, Solomon said as follows: “The wise man turns seven times
his tongue in his mouth before speaking.” In other words, the idea of
the wise one who reflects prior speaking goes back a very long time.

In my childhood home, harsh words were not encouraged. Nonetheless, we had the occasional arguments. I mean sometimes knock down battles amongst my sisters and I. Who hasn’t?

Rolling was one way to tame the situation. Crazy but true!

When the words began to fly and tempers to soar, Mom would instruct us to roll.
Sometimes she encouraged us to use this process when we had gossip in our mouth or bitterness in our hearts. It was even useful when we had just poor intentions that would serve no one.

This method of rolling is not completely like the American’s “We will wash your mouth out with soap.” Thankfully, I have never tasted soap. Even though, I resented it at times. I now find the process more meaningful. It actually taught me to slow down, think and just breathe. I need that sometimes.

Let’s get practical:

Try turning your tongue seven times now! I mean it. It is not that
easy. It takes focus and coordination for some. Me!!! Don’t be shy, it took me years to master.

It can also look pretty darn silly. Doesn’t it seem like nonsense? Being silly can move you right out of the stress of conflict or poor condition choices too.

But,trust me, it works. Every time I have used this idea and done it, I
avoid saying things I regret. Rolling gives me time to collect my
thoughts and be congruent. It gets me out of the story, drama and
reactions in the moment. Silly yet Amazing!

Do you have the courage to try to be a tongue roller:

Think Roll – when you get into automatic response mode.
Roll if you must ‘seven times’
Please go ahead and try to pause before speaking.
Take time to reflect on what you will say.
Ask will it help you or hinder you.
Does this move you to your best choices and vision?
You will be astonished at what will change.

Roll on my friends!

PS: Why 7?

no idea!

7 dwarfs
lucky number 7
7 colors of the rainbow
7 notes on a scale
7 deadly sins
7 sacraments


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