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“Ask me not where I live or what I like to eat . . . Ask me what I am living for and

what I think is keeping me from living fully that.”

~ Thomas Merton ~

I absolutely LOVE Merton’s magical words.

These words truly inspired me look deeper into my life.

 I  examined the life I have and the one that I truly want to LIVE for.

I invite you to take a mental snapshot of your life.

What does it look like?

Are you…

  • That person who has taken all kinds of courses, read all the self-help books and still wakes up frustrated and unsatisfied?
  • Exhausted, acting negatively and often saying “why bother”?
  • Watch your dreams and secret desires drift away with each day, month and year?
  • A people-pleaser, a door-mat and never take care of yourself first?
  • Having relationship, financial, or spiritual issues?
  • Living with depression, anxiety and fears that limit you from living your best life?
  • Feeling empty, angry, unworthy, or generally powerless?
  • Lacking passion, joy, ambition, inspiration?
  • Wanting to make your life count?

What is keeping you from living that MAGICAL life that YOU DESERVE?

I will tell you my secret.

I learned the reason is in yourself!

YOU are the reason and YOU are also the solution.

I am here to tell you there is way to get there…

I have done it myself!

My past snapshot was of  a depressed, anxiety filled woman.  I resented my life- blamed it on my divorce, my financial distress and my many health issue.  I repeated the same mistakes over and over again.  I had negative self image and my thoughts were abusive.

BUT I found a new way.

You can change your life  too.


 joy, peace, love, happiness, inspired relationships, and much , much more.

It is all there waiting for YOU!

As your life coach and emotional educator, I make a commitment to provide a safe space for you to rediscover the magic within you.

Your brilliance is waiting for you to fully express.

I invite you to call me or email me today.

Contact me at



Let me help you complete your life circle from head to heart.

You are worth it!

I invite you to JOIN ME for a Complimentary Session!


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